Aaron Crow really wants that 900K

This actually makes me feel better as a Nationals fan.

It was reported late last night that Aaron Crow turned down the Kansas City Royals latest offer of $3 million.

Crow was Washington’s top pick in last year’s first-year-player draft, and was lauded to be the future of the club. Of course, as we all remember, the Nationals and Crow couldn’t come to a deal and the deadline passed. Crow was forced to play independent ball for the 2009 season and re-enter the draft.

Last year negotiations between the two sides were so far off there was hardly any chance for the deal. The Nationals offered as much as $3.5 million at the first rounder, but the lowest number his agents threw out was $4.4 million.

Partly it is understandable that for saving face’s sake Aaron Crow wouldn’t want to sign for less than $3.5 million after taking the whole year off just because he felt he could make more. But come on, there comes a point where a kid just has to WANT to play baseball.

Really Aaron Crow? Really? 500,000-900,000 dollars is what’s keeping you from your supposed dream of signing with a Major League Baseball team? In the long run that is chump change to a pitcher that has potential ace talent. Would you rather sit out another season, wait until you are 24 without having thrown a pitch in the minors, and then try and become a superstar pitcher in the majors?

Good luck with that, Crow.

Just play baseball. They’re offering you more money than 99 percent of people will ever see, they are offering it to you in a recession, and they are offering it to a player who only really pitched one inning last year in independent ball.

The Nationals may have messed up by not signing Crow last season, but from what I can see, I’m much happier with Drew Storen.

Federal Baseball had a point, the quick signers have succeeded for the Nationals, the wait and see-ers have not.