All publicity is not good publicity

On Yahoo Sports Big League Stew:
“We wrote earlier about the team’s disorganization causing embarrassment to the city and it’s fans. We’re making headlines again. Yesterday we were both on the front-page of several publications mocking not our teams 1-10 record but our complete inability to run a competent organization right now…. Really, though, it should come as no surprise since it involves a Nationals franchise that has bumbled its way through the entire spring.

I mean, first there was the draft pick who falsified his age, which led to a bonus-skimming controversy that caused Jim Bowden to resign his position as general manager.

Then there were moments like the Nats’ team president going on Philadelphia radio to invite Phillies fans down to Washington to fill the stadium, the introduction of weird ballpark statues that were not only historically incorrect, but panned by the Washington Post (though I like them) and — my favorite — Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman taking the field on Friday night while wearing jerseys that read “NATINALS”.”

A similar story made the YardBarker Morning Bark mocking the NATINALS gap:
“Notice anything strange about this picture? A typo in a media guide, on a blog or website, or in a program is one thing. But how does the front of a jersey reading “NATINALS” get by the seamstress, equipment manager and the players that put it on?”

Bloguins own Fantasy Hurler talks about the Nats inability to get through a ninth inning: 
“So after Joel Hanrahan blew saves in back-to-back games, the Nationals turned to Saul Rivera to close out yesterday’s game … and he promptly blew it. Three blown saves in three straight games! Kudos to you, Washington Baseball Club. My guess is the Nats haven’t yet given up on Hanrahan as their closer. They probably put Rivera in for the ninth because they didn’t want to overwork an already-struggling Hanrahan. Sure, Rivera could have perhaps stolen the job with a neat-and-tidy 1-2-3 inning. But instead he bought himself a ticket back to the minors. (He was optioned back to Triple-A after the game.) Oh, Washington, what are we going to do with you”