Baseball America’s top 10 Nationals prospects

I know this is a little late, but with the reformatting of the blog and everything this got caught a little bit in the shuffle. However, the top prospects are my favorite part of writing about baseball, espessially for a team like the Nationals. Today I will talk about the top 10 overall, and over the next several days I will break down each player from 10-1, as I did last year.

Baseball America’s 2010 Top 10 Prospects:

  1. Stephen Strasburg, rhp
  2. Derek Norris, c
  3. Drew Storen, rhp
  4. Ian Desmond, ss
  5. Danny Espinosa, ss
  6. Chris Marrero, 1b
  7. Jeff Kobernus, 2b
  8. Justin Maxwell, of
  9. Michael Burgess, of
  10. Destin Hood, of

Three of the top 10 players came from the first two rounds of last years draft, a draft many considered a historic change in the Nationals franchise. Obviously, no shocker here, Stephen Strasburg tops the list as he has been renowned as arguably the best prospect ever. Behind him is the very talented Derek Norris, who in many other systems very well may be the top prospect in their organization. Norris, 20, batted .286/.413/.513 with 23 homers last year in 126 games for Hagerstown.

New to the list in 2010 are Strasburg, the Nationals compensatory pick Drew Storen, Ian Desmond, Danny Espinosa, second round pick Jeff Kobernus, and Justin Maxwell. This represents a big change for a Washington club that suffered a lot of trials and tribulations in 2009. For the Nationals however, change represents a good thing.

Take a look at the 2009 top 10 list:

  1. Jordan Zimmermann
  2. Ross Detwiler
  3. Chris Marrero
  4. Michael Burgess
  5. Jack Mcgreary
  6. Derek Norris
  7. Destin Hood
  8. Adrian Nieto
  9. J.P. Ramirez
  10. The artist formerly known as Esmailyn Gonzalez

Six players that were on this list are no longer ranked in the top 10. The most notable two left off the 2010 list are obviously Zimmermann and Detwiler. While clearly these two players are still prospects, as they are young, and learning, and incredibly talented, they no longer are on the list because 2009 officially counted as their rookie season. So when you read the 2010 list, keep in your mind that the Nats also have those two arms in their arsenal.

Also off the list are Mcgreary, who has now combined for a 5.15 ERA in three minor league seasons. Nieto, a Cuban catcher who batted only .227 in rookie ball last season. Ramirez, who batted only .264 in Vermont, and Esmailyn, who, well…has had some issues of his own.