Brewers crash the party, Nats lose 7-3

The Brewers ruined Steven Strasburg’s coming out party last night as they handed the Nationals their fourth loss in a row, and their 79th of the season.

The Brew-Crew got right at it Friday night as the Nats were probably still in a daze from the Strasburg madness. Fielder rocked a two run bomb to center knocking in fellow slugger Ryan Braun to give the club an early 2-0 lead.

The Nats battled back in the bottom half of the first with a sacrifice grounder by Zimmerman to score Nyjer Morgan and a solo blast by Adam Dunn to tie it up.

From there…it was only a matter of time.

Despite solid pitching from J.D Martin he allowed four earned runs in 6.2 innings pitched. The rookie showed excellent control while he struck out four and walked none. Unfortunately his eight hits included two homers.

Down 4-2 in the top of the 9th, the Nationals brought in Jorge Sosa to hold the Brewers score so the Nats could make a potential comeback in the ninth. That was probably a mistake….

Sosa allowed three runs on four hits while walking one. Despite a Ryan Zimmerman solo shot in the 9th, the Nats could not overcome the deficet and lost 7-3.

Sosa, who had been very effective since making his debut at the start of August, looked absolutely lost this last week. Wednesday against Colorado, Sosa couldn’t hold the Rockies from piling on the lead as they scored the run that put them out of reach in the Nats 9th inning comeback. Now he absolutely got crushed by the sub .500 Brewers.

Former National Felipe Lopez went 2-5 last night for the Brewers, and is batting .310 on the season. With 62 runs scored.  The switch-hitting second basemen is batting .371/.405/.429 against the Nats this year with four runs scored.

Despite the loss, last night was a special night for Nats Park. The National media was out in full form to document this potential franchise-changing introduction, the unveiling of Washington’s first overall pick, Stephen Strasburg.

Bill Ladson of talked to current Nats about what they thought about the kid becoming a National. Jesus Flores said:

“I’m really excited with the team, the front office for getting the deal done, I’m real excited to start catching this kid. I hear he can throw a 100-mph fastball and he has a nice curveball and good breaking stuff. That’s the kind of pitcher you love to have.”

Duk’ from Yahoo’s Big League Stew covered the story and jested:

“When it finally came to pass on Friday afternoon, the arrival of Stephen Strasburg in Washington was not greeted by flying doves, trumpeting elephants, a lifting of the Redskins Tweeting ban or the Teddy Roosevelt mascot coming armed with a copy of a healthcare solution everyone can agree on.”

The New York Times asserted that it was news fit to print, and of course, Miss Chatter took some great pictures.