Buster Olney Report: Nats closing in on a one year deal with Capps


ESPN’S Buster Olney reported tonight that the Nationals are closing in on a one year deal with closer Matt Capps.

However, Capps’ agent denied that an agreement has been reached. “We’re still going over the offers and talking. It won’t be until later tonight. We have not made a decision.”

Capps, 26, is coming off the worst year of his career after posting a 5.80 ERA, 4.90 FIP, and a 2.71 K/BB on the way to saving 27 games. While Capps performed poorly in 2009, his 2006-08 was stellar. Capps posted ERA’s of 3.79, 2.28,  and 3.02 while saving 18, 21, and 27 games for the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates.

While Capps 2009 performance was a concern for many teams, his .340 BABIP and his steady velocity have led many to think that maybe he just got unlucky, and just needs to get his accuracy under control. A one year deal gives Capps a chance to prove himself as a closer, and the Nationals the opportunity to rent-a-closer until Storen is ready for next year.