Catching up with the Padres, Gaslamp Ball

The Nats Blog sat down with the Padres blog, Gaslamp Ball, to share in the miseries of a losing season and to talk about our upcoming series against one another. Here is what Gaslamp Ball had to say.

The Nats Blog: While the Nats make the Padres look good, the Padres are struggling none the less, were you expecting better going into this year? 

Gas Lamp Ball: We weren’t just expecting, we were like the octo-mom.  The team sucked last year and things only got worse in the off season.  We only hoped that the team would play with some passion, that lasted a few weeks.  Now they’ll roll over for anybody.  They completely gave up about a month ago.

TNB: Adrian Gonzalez is greatly underrated around the country, how well is he received as a homegrown boy from San Diego?


GLB: He’s alright, he had a hot start but he’s sucked this past month, so now he’s a bit overrated.  Evidently he’s been chasing the Padres consecutive game streak, which nobody cares about except him.  I guess he needs to chase some goals if winning isn’t a realistic option. 

TNB: What’s the status on Peavy’s injury? Is there any chance he gets moved before the break? 

GLB: He’s still faking the injury just fine, getting schmoozed by GMs throughout the National League.  He’s done for the year.  He needs to get healthy for a trade this off season. 

TNB: What do the Padres need to do to be successful this series against the Nationals? 

GLB: They need to redefine success so that completing tasks like “ground into double play” and “leave men on base” count as successful events.  

TNB: What do the Nationals need to do to be successful this series against the Padres? 

GLB:They need to show up and that might be enough…..

TNB:  What is your favorite all time Padres memory?

GLB: I always look back fondly on the last game of the 96 season when the Padres swept the Dodgers to win the NL West by one game.