Checking in with the Giants: McCovey Chronicles

In anticipation for the upcoming series against the San Francisco Giants, The Nats Blog sat down with the top Giants blog, McCovey Chronicles. Here’s what they had to say: 

The Nats Blog: The Giants are holding their own in the NL West this year but are still 8.5 games behind the Dodgers, is the team currently living up to or failing to meet your pre-season expectations?

McCovey Chronicles: I was hoping for .500, but I guess I didn’t realize how tantalizingly maddening it was to win as many as you lose. But I’d say they are who we thought they were.

TNB: The Giants have a great pitching staff but are currently last in the National League in runs scored per game, who needs to step up, and what moves to the Giants have to make to start bringing in the runs.

MC: Maybe Edgar Renteria isn’t done. Maybe Aaron Rowand will have one of his every other good years. Maybe Travis Ishikawa will do something at all. But I wouldn’t count on any of those happening. No one needs to step up, the Giants just need a new everything. Except for Pablo Sandoval. He’s cool. 

TNB:  Randy Johnson has a chance to win his 300th game Wednesday against the Nationals, what are your thoughts on having the legendary lefty on your team for his last hurrah?

MC: I appreciate the history, but it has very, very little to do with the Giants’ franchise.

TNB: What moves do you see the Giants having to make wit the coming trade deadline to go from a .500 team to a competitor?

MC: Nothing I’d approve of. This isn’t a team worth trading away prospects for short-term help.

TNB: What do the Giants need to do to be successful against the Nationals in this coming series?

MC: Hope the Nationals’ pitching is even more wretched than the Giants’ hitting 

TNB: What do the Nats need to do to be successful against the Giants in this coming series? 

MC: Realize that the Giants will swing at anything.  

TNB: Matt Cain is having an excellent year and is challenging Tim Lincecum for ‘ace’ status. What can you tell us about Matt’s year this year and why has he taken it to the next level?

MC: Same level, different year. He’s been a little lucky with runners on base, and he’s actually getting run support this year. But he’s been good for a while, and he’s the same guy he was last year.

TNB:  Favorite Giants memory?

MC: The Giants winning the 2002 NLCS before the strike cancelled the World Series.

Thanks again to McCovey Chronicles for contributing to The Nats Blog!