Football’s Back!

Washington D.C had to endure the Washington Wizards earn the second worst record in the NBA in 2008-2009 without the reward of even a lottery pick.

The city has now had to deal with one of the worst baseball seasons in history with the Washington Nationals in 2009, and they may not sign their first overall pick for the second consecutive year.

All I can say at a time like this is, thank god for football!

The Skins matched up in their own battle of the beltway tonight as they faced up against our neighbors to the north, the Baltimore Ravens, in a preseason match-up. The Skins lost 23-0, but at least football was back.

Albert Hayneswort, the $100 million man, made his debut in the pre-season game tonight against the Baltimore Ravens. 

Starting quarterback Jason Campbell did not look up to season form as he struggled Thursday night, completing three out of six passes for 38 yards.
The Redskins first round draft pick, Brian Orakpo, made his debut Thursday night after holding out for the first part of training camp.

Head coach Jim Zorn stood on the sidelines and watched his team fall apart in the clubs first time together in competition in 2009. Like Acta, Zorn will have a lot of pressure to improve off of last year. Could you imagine how long Acta would have lasted if Washington was a baseball town? 

Oh yeah! The Nats played last night too!

Not long after talking about his use of questionable substances, Bronson Arroyo showed that they work as he walked all over the Nationals last night, two hitting them in a Reds victory.

Arroyo pitched a complete game shutout against the Nats, who’s only two hits came from who else? Ryan Zimmerman and Adam Dunn.

While the Nationals only had two hits, they also only struck out three times all night. They simply couldn’t find the holes, and couldn’t make decent contact. 

On the other side of the plate Cincinnati outfielder Johnny Gomes single handedly destroyed the Nationals by going three for four with three homers and five RBI.

With the loss the Nationals have followed a eight game win streak with a three game losing streak. Cristian Guzman’s hit streak ends at 17 and Ryan Zimmerman’s extended to 16.