4 Reasons the Nationals Will Win Tonight

The rain came down in Washington last night. Maybe it was a good thing. Maybe it’s what the Nationals needed to cleanse themselves of all the drama and confusion and disappointment the start have the year has brought.

The field was washed out last night and hopefully with it the stink of failure was rinsed from the hearts of the players and the pressure to win a simple game has been washed to the back of their minds.

The Nationals will win tonight.

Here’s why:

1.    Joe Blanton’s first start was actually worse than any of the Nationals starters were. There is a lot of pressure from one of the most pressure filled sports cities, Philly, for him to step up and be the pitcher they traded for in 2008. Pressure has not been a good thing for Blanton since leaving Oakland.

2.    Elijah Dukes and Adam Dunn both have OPS’s well over 1.000. Coming into tonight’s game both are on a tear and absolutely pounding the ball when they put it in play. More importantly though they are getting on base, Dukes at .576 and Dunn at .600. When two batters are that hot in a line-up, a win is tht much closer.

3.    Probability is just in the Nats favor at this point. The team had an awful winning percentage of .365 last year, but that’s way better than a 1-8 record’s winning percentage which would be .125. Essentially they have to win eventually, even Manny Acta guarantees that.

4.    Baseball is a game of routine, and the Phillies are out of theirs. The club was scheduled visit President Obama in the White House on Tuesday to celebrate their 2008 World Championship, but with the tragic death of their broadcaster they were forced to reschedule. Now with the rain delay last night they are suffering back-to-back set-backs of their routine. Can they get it together by tonight?