Good God, Jim Bowden is a trade deadline ‘expert’

This is just depressing. How can unemployment be so high in this country, yet total screw ups like Jim Bowden get jobs like this.
He is being paid to analyze the one thing he was absolutely awful at. How am I unemployed? Outrageous. 

Asking Jim Bowden to weigh his expertise on trade deadline moves is like:

 Asking Sarah Palin to write a coherent speech.

Getting Mark McGwire to shut up about the past.

Barry Bonds winning a sportsmanship AND humanitarian award in the same season.

Brett Favre giving a lecture on the importance of sticking to key life decisions.

Asking Bill O’reilly to judge a journalistic integrity contest

Making Rush Limbaugh the chairman of the Democratic Party.

Historic French generals writing military textbooks on securing the homeland

Meghan Fox discussing inner beauty

Britney Spears winning a voice contest

Fred Smoot giving English lessons

Ozzy Osborne talking about diction

Discussing the 2009 Nationals playoff chances, and being serious

David Hassleoff judging talent…oh wait

Billy Mays (RIP) doing a PSA before a movie asking you to “keep it down”

Paris Hilton talking to high school students about responsibility

Lets hear yours?