Hide your hot dogs, Livan Hernandez is back!

Bill Ladson reports tonight that former Nationals ace Livan Hernandez has resigned with the team after a two and a half year departure. Hernandez was rewarded an unconditional release by the Mets six days ago.

Hernandes’s career is basically over at this point, as the righthander went 7-8 with a 5.47 ERA for New York this season.

In honor of his resigning, here is an ode to Livan that Poppa Yoder often used to sing when he was on the mound:

Livan wears his curly W like a crown
His catcher’s name is Jesus
But it aint pronounced the same
And he throws him the slowest junk in town

Livan pitches cuz Livan likes his money
He made a lot they say
Spent his days eating
 Until his belly got in the way,

And he shall be Livan,
And he shall be  a good man,
And he shall be Livan,
In tradition with the Lerner plan….