John Lannan still owns New York

As we said here a little over a month ago, John Lannan, a New York Native, owns the state of New York. In his two previous starts against New York teams he had pitched into the ninth in each, showing complete dominance.

He continued the trend last night, as the lenky lefty dominated the Mets; pitching a complete game shut out allowing only seven hits while striking out one. The Nats won 4-0.

On the other side of the hill Oliver Perez put in a rare mediocre night. The 27-year-old lefty has been notorious for his inconsistency through the year. One year you will see an Oliver with the pitches and the talent to be a major ace, the other you’ll see a lazy, rich-kid, who just wants off the mound.

Last night he fell somewhere in-between.

The Mets starter went six innings and allowed four runs on four hits. The pitcher had his typical control problems as he walked six batters and threw only 57 strikes in 104 pitches.

The Nats took advantage of the walks. Scoring four runs on four hits is no easy task, especially when the team had no extra base hits.

Zimmerman scored two runs while earning one hit and two walks, Nyjer Morgan and Adam Dunn both scored as well.

Riggleman earned his first win.