Kind words from Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Gonzalez

“Kasten should be applauded for his bold vision and truth-telling. He sees the D.C. fans for what they are – inferior. Actually, that’s somewhat unfair and inaccurate. To be inferior, you probably have to show up, and the D.C. crowd isn’t so good at that.

Finding a Nats fan these days is as difficult as spotting a black-footed ferret – they’re both endangered species. Last year, the Fightin’s had the fifth-best average attendance in baseball. The Nationals had the 19th.

Kasten is simply trying to inflate his team’s attendance figures by appealing to a fan base that supports its team. Getting people to the ballpark is part of Kasten’s job, and he should be commended for attempting to do just that.

Instead, he’s been pilloried by the people down there. The fans have a still-new stadium, but they don’t visit it all that often. And they don’t want out-of-towners going, either. They’re like children who got a great gift for Christmas, stopped playing with it almost immediately, then threw temper tantrums when the other neighborhood kids got within arm’s length of the toy they didn’t deserve in the first place.”

-John Gonzalez, Philadelphia Inquirer

Thanks, Stan.

Not only has your interview along with its ignorant comments insulted your fan base it has now embarrassed us. It is hard enough supporting a last place team. It is hard going to the games and watching them lose, badly. It is hard as a college student, or a father or mother for that matter, shelling out money for tickets, travel, and food. But we do it.

Despite our lack of initial rewards through bragging rights or the thrill of victory, we hurt ourselves financially to support the team.

Times aren’t good. Money is scarce. But the extra little bit we muster up we shell out at inflated prices to watch a sub-par product. We don’t do it for you Stan, nope we could care less about your shiny little head or your Philly loving flavor. We do it in the bleak hope that someday it will pay off. We do it in the hope that our efforts will help the team get somewhere so that one day we can be proud o fit. We do it with the expectation that our devotion will someday be paid back by the ownership who we truly believe are working for us. We do it because we have a trait that is far too scarce in today’s instant gratification society, loyalty.

Loyalty Stan, that’s a word you should learn. Loyal executives don’t sell out their fan base and embarrass them, no matter the cost benefit. Loyal Washingotnians don’t go to other cities and invite people to bum-rush their town and ruin the one good baseball day of the year for a last place team. Loyal people, don’t put the few who are devoted to their cause out in the rain like you did on ESPN Radio that day.

So Stan, I will still go to your games. I will still pay your prices and support OUR team. But I will sit, and I will wait. I will wait for the day that comes long after Manny Acta is fired, long after we’re eliminated from playoff contention in 2009.  I will wait for the day when the clock strikes midnight on your dishonorable and insulting rule over OUR baseball franchise.

The one I lobbied and picketed for since I was 8 years old.