Nationals Demote Martis Despite…Well Everything

Well as we talked about a little over a week ago Scott Olsen is back and one of the young starting pitchers has to bite the dust.1st_1280_shairon_martis

We asserted that it would almost certainly not be Shairon Martis, and likely be Stammen or Detwiler as they have more upside and can learn more from a AAA demotion.

Recently talks stated that instead of any demotions Stammen would be placed in the bullpen to help in the middle innings.

However, instead of either of these scenarios panning out, the Nationals simply demoted Shairon Martis to AAA to put Olsen back into the rotation.

Shairon Martis had the most wins out of any Nationals starter going into last night, and was second on the team’s rotation in ERA.

Scott Olsen has one of the worst ERA’s for a starting pitcher in the Majors and had only one victory before getting hurt.

“I need to see consistency out of (Olsen),” Acta told Bill Ladson. “I want to see the guy that pitched 200 innings for the Marlins. He is supposed to lead these kids. He is the oldest one out of all of them.”

So lets put this in perspective. Manny Acta and the Nats think the outsider, the guy who came in from a different organization, who makes more money than the rookie pitchers and hasn’t been there in almost a month, will have more of an emotional and motivational impact on the development of the rookies than the one rookie who has had arguably the most success.

The Nationals think it’s good to separate this group of young starters that John Stammen described as a rotation of best friends. A group that has developed so much in the last month, that has pushed and challenged one another to be better. The Nationals think placing an underachieving has-been in that rotation will be a better motivational factor than keeping on the most successful of the rookies with the group.

Shairon Martis was too emotional for comment according to Ladson, and was being consoled by Jesus Colume.