Nats blow another 9th, fall to Cards

With the game tied at four a piece going into the 9th innings, the Nationals had to know what was coming.

Maybe that’s the problem.

Five runs later the Nats put themselves in an impossible situation for the bottom of the 9th inning, and lost 9-4. It wasn’t a blown save, but it was a heart breaker. There is only so much analysis one can do before someone has to just come flat out and say it, the Nats are a bunch of head cases.

Maybe not the whole team, but definitely the bullpen. Something has to change or else no one will respect the Nats in the ninth. We need confidence, and maybe a new  manager to infuse it.

Albert Pujols is that good

Pujols probably has a few less MVP’s than he has deserved, and probably a little less acclaim then he has been given. This year may be his best yet, as he finally had the issue of his degenerative elbow fixed. That’s right, he won the MVP while injured all season.

Back healthy, Pujols is off to one of the best starts of his career. In 23 games so far he is batting .337/.457/.675. He has 8 bombs and only 7 strikeouts. He has 28 RBI through 23 games. He really is as good as it gets.