Nats blow another save, lose to the Giants

Joe Beimel finally got what many Nationals fans had hoped for, a save opportunity. Beimel brought something that many in the Nats bullpen did not have, a professional track record. He brought to fans the hope that in him we may actually have a competent closer for 2009.


In his first save opportunity, Beimel blew it to say the least.  Up one run going into the bottom of the eight against San Francisco, Beimel let up 3 earned runs on a Pablo Sandoval walk off dinger, leaving Giants fans ecstatic and Nats fans in shock.

It was a hard nights sleep.

capt.0c1115d5c40242a88e972bf716d62377.nationals_giants_baseball_fxpb108Jordan Zimmermann continued to look like a 22 year old as he gave up five earned runs scattered through six innings.  He had two big innings, and four shut-out ones. This isn’t all that bad, he’s taking his licks, he’s learning how to get through rough innings, and is showing he has the ability to be dominant in others.

There’s something special about watching him pitch. He has a swagger on the mound that’s hard to put into words. It’s confident, he knows his ability. At the same time he looks like he’s taking everything in and learning something new every inning he takes the mound. There’s just something about Jordan Zimmermann that puts confidence in the Nats future, yet shows flashes of excitement in today’s game.

Ryan Zimmerman

The hit streak continues. With his 2-5 performance last night he extended his hit streak, reaching the elusive 30 game club. He is now tied with George Brett for the second longest streak ever by a third basemen, but still stands 14 behind Pete Rose for the NL/3b record and 26 away from DiMaggio’s all-time record.

For the Nationals however, this hit streak has meant much more than the first scent of good publicity the team has had since 2006. In the month of May Zimmerman has caught on fire, batting .500/.509/.760. Yes, that’s an OPS of 1.269, and the effects are starting to show in the win column as the Nats sport a 5-5 record for the month.

His hot streak is spreading throughout the Nats line-up:

Month of May stats:
Cristian Guzman .346/.346/.500
Adam Dunn .318. /.412/.705
Nick Johnson .268/.380/.390