Nats let one slip by, lose 2-1

I have recently come down with a bad case of Mono and I haven’t been able to watch all the Nats games in full, at least not lucidly.

So every morning when I get up I look at the box score first thing to see first; the score, and second; how many runs the Nationals let up in the 8th and 9th innings.  It’s usually pretty predictable.

It was no surprise to me this morning to see the final score to a game that when I fell asleep watching it was tied 1-1, to have the Nationals lose 1-2. Guess when that losing run crossed the plate? That’s right the ninth. On a wild pitch no less….jeesh

John Lannan pitched a beauty of a game.  His accuracy dead-on, and his breaking pitches freezing. Through seven innings pitched Lannan allowed seven hits, one earned run, struck out five, and walked two. He finally pitched like the ace we had hoped for going into 2009, dropping his season ERA to 3.63, despite not earning the victory.

Ron Villone came on to pitch a perfect inning in the eighth, setting up the potential loss perfectly for Joel Hanrahan. Hanrahan surrendered three hits, one walk, and one earned run, just enough to earn his second loss of the year, and the Nationals’ 28th.

What’s most scary about Hanrahan’s performance is that he didn’t have control problems. 23 out of his 35 pitches were strikes. This means he just plain got rocked, and that his stuff just is not very good.