Nats pull out game three, club the O’s


The Washington Nationals avoided the embarrassing sweep from their Beltway rivals by pulling out the 5-3 victory yesterday afternoon in Camden Yards.

John Lannan shined once again for the Nationals, and as usual it was in a spot where the Nats needed a pick-me-up. Lannan tossed 7.1 innings, allowing only six hits and three earned runs. He had allowed only four hits going into the 8th.

The two most different players on the team came together with the bat to give the Nationals the push they needed to pull out the win.

Dunn, a six-foot-seven 275 pound country boy from Houston, Texas launched a deep two run homer in the top of the fourth to give the Nationals an early 2-1 lead. Willie Harris, a five-foot-nine 185 pound “wee ballplayer” also contributed a homer as well as three hits and a stolen base.

Diversity in our Nations capital; ethnically, racially, and well, size-ally, is a good thing.

The Nationals were able to keep the top prospect in baseball, Matt Wieters, completely hitless. Wieters has often been considered the Orioles saving grace, and has been used by many O’s fans as their trump card to our Stephen Strasburgh.

John Lannan has served the ace role well for the Nationals. When the Nationals have lost several in a row, and are starting to skid even more into oblivion than they already stand, Lannan has been there on the mound forging confidence into an untalented club.

His bulldog mentality allows him to dominate late into games despite lack-lust stuff on the mound. He pounds the corners without fear, he changes speeds on a dime, and he keeps runners off the base paths.

Even the Nationals always have a chance to win when John Lannan is on the mound.