Nats washed out in double header

The best thing about a soggy, rain delayed, double header, is there are no ushers. The result?



It was pretty sweet to sit in seats that I probably wont be able to afford for at least 10 years. The baseball wasn’t so bad either.

Game 1

Wednesday morning Randy Johnson woke up having waited 45 years for the chance to walk off the mound as a 300 game winner. D.C weather told him he had to wait at least one more day, he wasn’t about to be delayed any longer.

Johnson took the mound with a mission and it showed. The Big Unit pitched six strong innings allowing only two hits, no earned runs and he struck out two.  He did his part, left the mound with the lead, and was forced to sit, watch, and wait.

It seemed history was in jeopardy however as in the bottom of the 8th inning the hometown Washington Nationals were beginning to rally. It started with a Wil Nieves single to center, and was followed by Nick Johnson and Ryan Zimmerman walks.

Then the Nationals top slugger Adam Dunn took the plate with two outs and the bases loaded to try and not only tie the game for the Nationals, but steal Johnsons 300th victory from under him.

The count ran full and the six foot seven slugger dug into the soggy infield dirt and awaited Jeremy Affeldt’s decisive pitch. It came, and it came low, very low. Below the sluggers knees, almost at his ankles.

 Then in a controversial moment, home plate umpire Tim Timmons pulled the string and called an unreasonable strike three, ending the inning, and preserving Randy Johnsons decision.

The Giants rallied in the 9th and won 5-1, giving the Big Unit number 300.

While it may have been a gift, its certain that Randy Johnsons earned this win. I for one am happy it happened in Nats park, as it is the first real piece of history in our young stadium. We also got to see something from Johnson we have never seen before; warmth. 

Game 2


This game was a wash, literally and metaphorically. No one wanted to play this game, and were it not for the fact that the Giants and the Nats don’t meet again for the rest of the year, they probably wouldn’t have let the game go on.

We sat right next to the field crew during this game and lets just say, it was an exciting night for the boys in red. Turface was high on demand, and there was plenty of rake action.

The Nats came out to an early lead as Ross Detwiler came out throwing smoke. He seemed unhittable through three when the Giants bats started slapping loopers that seemed to fall into the holes. A  blooper double down the line here, a knuckling liner to center there, it all added up to a three run rally for the Giants in the fifth.

Once the game was official it became inevitable that once the rain picked up a little the Umps would call it. In the top of the 6th it did just that, and the game was called with the Giants winning 4-1 through 5.2 innings.