News from Nats Town- Wednesday

While Mike Rizzo may be on his way out, here is possibly his last public interview:

(chilling sign off where the Comcast announcer wishes Rizzo soon loses his ‘acting’ title)

On the Rizzo Rag, it appears the Nattosphere is sticking up for the acting general manager:

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Acting, Full-Time Or…Fired? What? Seriously?(Federal Baseball)
Thanks for Strasburg, Now Beat it (Nats Triple Play)
A list of Rizzo accomplishments (Half Street Blues)

Because you haven’t had enough Strasburg:

Bill Ladson from MLB.COM and All Nats All The Time breaks down the numbers of the Strasburg deal which evidently includes one year of college tuition and these incentives:

$50,000 — Rookie of the Year
$50,000 — All-Star Game
$25,000 — Gold Glove
$25,000 — League Championship Series
$50,00 — World Series
$100,000 — CY Young Award  
$80,000 — For finishing second in the Cy Young award voting.
$60,000 — For finishing third in the Cy Young award voting.
$40,000 — For finishing fourth in the Cy Young award voting.
$20,000 —  For finishing fifth in the Cy Young award voting. 

Chico Harlan for the Washington Post writes in the Nationals Journal about the plan for Strasburg:

“Probably when he leaves here he’ll go down to Florida [at the Nationals’ facilities in Viera] and work out down there,” acting GM Mike Rizzo said. “I’m going to have our pitching coordinator, Spin Williams, down there to meet him. We’ll get him on a throwing program just to see where he’s at in his readiness to pitch. He hasn’t pitched competitively since May 28; typically, it’s a four- or five-week process to ramp him up to get him ready to competitively pitch. We plan, once he’s ramped up and ready to pitch, we’ll probably give him a little taste of Florida instructional league and then send him to the Arizona Fall League.”

Last, check out Dan Steinberg of D.C Sports Bog who says Boras said Strasburg ‘wasn’t close to walking.’