Record Attendance, Giving Up, and Gay Bars

Well D.C already had a Chinatown, but evidently we have just created a Little-Boston, that’s the way it has looked this week at least.

Nationals Park has been overrun by the local Red Sox nation. Whether or not that is a good thing is still uncertain, but the matter of the fact is everywhere you turn you aren’t seeing a red Curly W, but a pair of Sox.

Nationals Park has seen its biggest crowds, not just of the year, but ever. The first game of the series was record-breaking in terms of attendance. This series has made it no longer embarrassing to see our teams highlights on ESPN, because the stands are full.

The invasion of east coast team’s fans is no new phenomenon, but it especially potent when the Red Sox and the Yankees come to town. Sadly, our biggest draw isn’t our own team but other Washingtonians ‘favorite teams.’

The phenomenon sparked Boswel to post the question in one of his latest columns about whether or not the Nationals would make more money as a terrible team with a tiny pay roll, than an above average team that drew in 5,000 more fans a night.

The argument was that the cost of players would be offset by the huge turnout of people coming to see the other team.

A sad but possibly true outcome, a bleak result of a new franchise in an area filled with people from across the nation.

Nats fans, however, have found a way to get their revenge this weekend on the thick New England accents that are likely starting to get on the outnumbered nerves of many a D.C fan. The Sporting Blog reported today that one sly Nationals fan was able to trick a slue of Red Sox fans to head to a local gay bar.


“Hi Everyone, I’m coming in this week for the Sox series. Are there any decent sportsbars near the ballpark?” one apparent Red Sox fan asked on the Nats’ online forum.

“There’s only a beer garden next to the park,” replied one famously instigator from the team’s boards. “you’re better off up the street on Capitol Hill, Remingtons (639 Pennsylvania Ave SE) is a NE Patriots bar so they’ll probably have a large Red Sox crowd this week.”

Well at least we have our wits….