Six things to do when it’s September and your team is in last place

1.     Go to the park to be surrounded by real fans- Going to a baseball game is no longer the trendy thing to do in town. With football season starting up, and summer weather slowly ending, the park will no longer be clogged by twenty-something’s who are more interested in throwing down 8 bucks-a-beer at the Red Porch than seeing the home team’s starting pitcher throw a nine inning four hitter. Nope, the Yuppies are gone, and while it may be to the owners chagrin, the true baseball fans lightly fill the stands. This means you can turn to your neighbor and they will actually be educated on who fills up the team’s 40-man roster, or how Chris Marrero is doing in Harrisburg, or even when Stephen Strasburg’s first start in the Arizona Fall League is.

2.     Enjoy price reduced tickets- All the bad teams are doing it! In an effort to drag people out to the games, the owners give fans offers they can’t refuse. College night is great, as is ladies night, pooches at the park, and of course, Kids run the s how.

3.     Pick an underdog team who is in contention for the Wild Card and adopt them for September- This can be surprisingly fulfilling. While certainly you are being a bandwagoner, and certainly you are only in it for the rush, there simply isn’t anything as exciting as being attached to a team that is in a day in and day out race for the playoffs. If anything else, it will give you something to look forward to when your last place team is someday in that position.

4.     Educate yourself on the 40-man roster- The good news is, if your team is in last place, you’re going to have the opportunity to see a lot of young talent. One of the best parts of going to spring training in Viera is that you get to see all the future staples of the team your love playing alongside the current veterans. September is the same thing only in actual Major League competition. It can be great fun following these young player’s progress through the month of September, and it will actually give you something to look forward to.

show_image.jpeg5.     Bring your glove to the park, and go to batting practice- Make your goal for the day to catch a foul ball. While I have one to thousands of baseball games in my short life, I have never caught an in game foul ball. Roam the stands, find the best spot, and camp out and get what is rightfully yours. If this fails, the next time you are at the park go to batting practice. If you try hard enough you’re bound to get your hands on a piece of Major League Baseball property.

6.     Go to one of the last games of the season-While nothing compares to the atmosphere of a ballpark during a pennant race, a large amount of that atmosphere comes from the unmatchable feel of autumn air in a ballpark. There’s an indescribable feel of watching our nation’s pastime as the leaves and the seasons begin to change, it’s truly incredible.