Strasburg signs!

Scott Van Pelt reports Strasburg signed a four year – $15.67 Million as mentioned on sports center seconds ago.

The Washington Nationals simply had no other choice, they had to break the bank to sign top overall pick Stephen Strasburg.

While Nats fans were left biting their nails, the deal came down to the wire, but in the end Boras’ ludicrous demand for upwards of $20 million were left to the dogs and Strasburg became a National.

$15.6 million shatters the old record for a draft pick by almost $5 million. However borrowing from the Boras logic, given that that previous record contract was signed in 2001, an increase of about $5 million is not that outrageous considering baseball’s revenue. 

Strasburg spoke to ESPN’s Pedro Gomez:

“It feels awesome. I got a little nervous there for a while that it might not happen, but I feel very blessed, I’m not sure of the plan right now. They said they’d bring me up for the media. They said to take my time to get ready. It’s an amazing feeling. I really wasn’t sure if it was going to happen, but I’m glad it did.”

So get some sleep Nats fans.

Close your eyes and dream of a 2010 with a star pitcher in the making, and a front office you can believe in. As you pull your covers up and lay your head down, know maybe for the first time since 2005…the front office served you well. 

And its a good thing too, next years top pick for us is already looking like a bust!