The Meat Hook likely to hang it up

Bill Ladson reports “Dimitri Young is out for the season because of a torn left quad….(he) hurt the quad running out a single for Double-A Harrisburg on July 19th.”

The idea of Dimitri Young running out anything almost makes me injure myself just imagining it.


This is probably the end of the road for Dimitri. The Nationals signed him out of obscurity when he was forced from the league due to personal problems. He surprised the entire league in 2007 when he played 136 games and batted .320 with 13 home runs.

The performance won Young the comeback player of the year award.

Instead of trading the over reforming, over-the-hill batter, in his round mound of rebound season, the Nats opted to keep him and resign him.

It was a typical move for the Jim Bowden era, unfortunately it was also a stupid move. Young only played 50 games again for the Nationals as he was old and could not battle his weight problems due to diabetes.

Us Nats fans will never blame the meat-hook however, and we will always look back fondly of how he carried the Nationals in 2007.