The Office, Youtube, and the Nationals blandness

I came across this on Yahoo!’s Shut Down Corner:

Hilarious, and really really well done. It got me thinking though, you never see commercials like these for any Washington D.C sports teams. Kansas City isn’t the only team with funny commercials either, the Colorado Rockies are famous for funny team ads.

Here’s a great spot from the Rockies last year:

Surely if the Nationals had commercials like this it would only help them with their already poor attendance.

It wouldn’t seem that hard to do either, at least for the other D.C franchises. Our city certainly has its share of characters; Gilbert Arenas, Chris Cooley, Clinton Portis, Antwan Randel El, and Alexander Ovechkin.

Sure, we have Eastern Motors:

But lets see some effort from the teams.