The smartest move Rizzo/Kasten have made yet

If you go to spring training you are likely to see a man being chauffeured around in a golf cart, passing from field to field, barking advice from his throne that fall on young ears.

That man is Pat Corrales.

Pat Corrales is old school. Real old school.

He’s not a man for numbers, or newfound stats, he’s a man of action.

He knows baseball, and no one will tell him otherwise, and he’ll be damned to learn something new.

There are a lot of questions about whether or not a man with this type of mentality still has a place in baseball. Does he know a tremendous amount about the game, of course, but can he effectively evaluate talent a 2009 level? Debatable.

One thing is for sure however; the one position in an organization where the skills Corrales posses are at a premium is the position he was named to this week, bench coach.

Bench coaches have long been seen as more of an honorary role than anything else but they do serve and important role.

Bench coaches complain, bench coaches bark out their old school philosophy, bench coaches keep track of the little things managers loose in the shuffle. Most importantly bench coaches bend and mold young people who play baseball into professional baseball players.

A serious problem the Nationals have had in the last two years is a lack of professionalism, I couldn’t think of a better way to fix that than to bring in Corrales as the bench coach.

The 68-year-old will be our Don Zimmer. He will be our player’s godfather.

Welcome Pat Corrales, let your old-school wisdom benefit us all.