Welcome to the new The Nats Blog

As you can see, The Nats Blog has changed. After one year of running the blog and watching it grow, we were approached by several websites about joining various sports blogging networks. After much research we decided to go a different way and inquire with a site that hadn’t contacted us, Bloguin offers the best opportunities in web traffic, revenue, and design, which translates to you as the best The Nats Blog possible. It’s our belief that this transition will not only allow The Nats Blog to provide the best content and interaction possibilities, but it will also broaden our community and readership.

The Forum

One of the benefits to the new blogging platform we are using is it provides us with the ability to have a forum. Hopefully for us it means that readers will get more involved in the blog, and hopefully for you it means that you can have a well read platform to express your own feelings, views, or hopes for the Nationals.  I have always felt that the most useful role of sports blogs is to be a community tool for the fans. Too often mainstream media calls the shots on public policy, fashion, and the popularity of various forms of entertainment. Sports is the one arena we can take control as simple fans however, because through powerful sports blogs the fans voices become powerful.

As used to refer to their readers as, “one million general managers,” I hope that The Nats Blog community can grow to be something similar.

Other Upgrades

The Bloguin platform allows for a lot more flexibility in how The Nats Blog bring information to you, and how you can become a bigger part of The Nats Blog itself. Soon when we get more settled, you will see different modules and other various ways to interact on the blog. I hope you explore all the possibilities.

Soon The Nats Blog will also be adding some other writers to the Staff. If you are interested, or would just like to send in a fan article here and there, shoot us an email at


Thank you again for visiting The Nats Blog, please continue to come back and tell your friends.