Well, that really got out of hand.

Going into the 6th inning, tonight looked like a great game. Detwiler had held Baltimore to 3 runs on 7 hits, pitching fairly well and putting the Orioles down for the most part. Then, well, the 6th inning happened.

After pushing a few dribblers through for hits, Acta opted to put in Hanrahan in for a strugging Detwiler. Coming in, Joel Hanrahan allowed the two inhereted runners to score, putting Detwiler’s final line for the night at 5 runs on 9 hits through 5 innings. Hanrahan continued to wow as we went on to allow 4 runs of his own, while recording only one out. Villone came in to try and end the inning, serving up a perfect double play ball to Guzman that promptly became an error and more runs for Baltimore. After 8 runs, the 6th, and the Nationals were done for the night.

There is little good to report about this game. After stunning the powerful Boston Red Sox last night, the Nationals shipped up to Baltimore and played flat, poor baseball to the tune of an 11-1 loss.