Zimmerman’s streak ends, Capitals lose, but the Nats win

The Capitals lost game seven, and Zimmerman’s hit streak ended at 30, but in what be the most deflating night in D.C sports history, the Nationals squeak by with 6-3 victory over the Giants on the other side of the country.

Shairon Martis flat out dazzled. Through seven innings pitched he allowed merely two hits and only one earned run, which didn’t come until the seventh.  As usual Martis was successful by challenging pitchers and throwing on the black of the plate. With the victory the 22-year-old improved to an National League leading 5-0, while still sporting a 4.10 ERA.

Martis wasn’t perfect though, he still struggles with his control. Wednesday saw him strike out two while walking four.  In 109 pitches he only through 59 for strikes, a sharp contrast from his performance only a week and a half ago against St. Louis where he threw 79 strikes in 110 pitches. It’s tough to say where Martis’s future will bring him. He doesn’t throw all that hard, he doesn’t have a strikeout pitch to brag about, and his K/BB ratio is pretty lousy (21/17). You can’t argue with success though, which is what he has shown at the young age of 22 rather consistently. He wins games for a bad team. Luck? Maybe, maybe not.

capt.0c730acd2d2345f08c3b650b9b29e3dc.nationals_giants_baseball__fxpb101The Bats

Guzman recorded yet another multi hit game today, 3-5 with a double and two singles, raising his batting average to .390. He has been a hit machine for the Nats, recording 39 in 21 games. When he qualifies for it, which should be soon as he is only nine at bats behind league leader Joey Votto (.374), he will be leading the NL in hitting by a large margin.

The leadoff hitter has still not recorded a walk in 100 at bats, which is…well absurd. Last year he recorded a flat-out awful 23 walks in 579 at bats. This pace will set him at 5.5 walks on the season. So far his swing at anything that comes mentality has worked out, he is hitting .390 and getting on base at…well…390. But what happens when his average comes down to his career average of .273?

Zimmerman’s streak came to an end today, but he was still productive to his team. While going 0-3, he reached base three times. He got there twice on walks, and once on a fielders choice, scored a run, and made some plays in the field. So while the joy of the hit streak is gone for Washington and Ryan, he’s still playing productive baseball, which is much better for the team than a record chase.


For most of the later innings of the game, I was sure Zimmerman would get a few more chances to hit because our bullpen would send a 4-0 lead to extra innings. Once invincible Joe Beimel came in and let up two hits and a run while only recording one out. Then Kip Wells came in to get the ‘save’ while still letting up two hits and a run in 1.2.

I’ve never seen the bullpen with such a stigma about it, one that you just had zero faith in. It’s almost like the Mets of last year, but at the beginning of the season. Will this last? Can it last?

Bad Managing

Elijah Dukes got caught stealing twice yesterday to bring his grand total of caught stealing to six. That means he has two stolen bases in eight attempts, which is the point where you clearly just have to stop trying. Dukes is not a guy that should be on the fly this often. Statisticians have proven that stolen bases are not worth the risk, and when you are completing steals at only 20% you are just hurting the team and taking away valuable base runners.