Bryce Harper: We’re Gonna To Win The NL East One Day

bryce-harper-during-bp Harper, the Washington Nationals top prospect, appeared on Byron Kerr’s unofficial Nationals radio show, “Nationals360,” and made some rather confident statements in the days leading up to his Arizona Fall League debut:

I think in the next couple years, we’re going to be the Yankees of the NL East.  I’ve been telling everybody that.  I think we’re going to be the top program in the NL East, and we’re going to roll.  We’re going to win some World Series.  That’s everybody’s goal.  [Nationals minor league coordinator] Bobby Henley preached that from day one – we’re going to win the NL East one day.  I really believe we’re going to do that.  Hopefully we bring a couple World Series to Washington DC.”

Bold words from an even bolder kid. When you listen to the actual clip, you realize that despite the bad rep that Harper gets for his attitude, he seems like a genuine, all be it ambitious kid. He has a hunger and desire for being on the baseball field, but spends the time off it improving his game in the batting cage and getting to know his teammates, other fellow Nationals prospects.

Then, of course, Harper opens his mouth and inserts foot with a sound clip like the one quoted above. Clearly we want our players to think, maybe even know, that what Harper said to Kerr is the truth in their eyes. But Unfortunately the only thing that will come from a 18-year-old (was his bday this weekend) claiming such things will be a slew of veterans trying to put the prospect in his place.

Besides, no one ever won championships by talking about winning championships. They did it by going to the gym and putting the work in, outworking their opponents, and believing in themselves enough that they don’t need to tell other’s how much they will win.