Dunn and Dunn: Nats beat Dodgers 6-3

Adam Dunn was all the Nationals would need on Friday night. The slugging first baseman ripped off a pair of three-run home runs off of Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw for all the offense the Nationals would need.

Nationals lefty John Lannan was effective in his six innings of work, allowing three runs (two earned) on five hits while striking out two and walking two. Drew Storen, with his recent promotion to ninth inning duties in hand, walked a batter in the ninth, but otherwise had no trouble in recording his first career save.

Andre Ethier’s two run home run off Lannan was the only real hiccup suffered by the starter. Lannan was resembling more of the pitcher of old that has been effective in his previous two seasons, rather than the batting practice lefty he had been so far this season.


If the Nationals are going to be successful next year, performances like thesefrom Lannan will need to become common like they had been in previous seasons. Lannan is the perfect lefty compliment to Strasburg’s dominate stuff from the right side,and any night Lannan throws immediately after Strasburg will throw a real wrench intothe machine.

What more is there to say about Adam Dunn. If he gets a pitch that is crushable, he crushes it. That’s it. Plain and Simple.

Ian Desmond out of the number two slot in the line-up had two hits and scored onboth of Dunn’s bombs.