How much do you like Stephen Strasburg?

How much do you like Stephen Strasburg?

$900,000 worth?

Silver Spring, Md. sports memorabilia auction house Huggins and Scott put to auction an autographed 2010 Bowman Prospects Stephen Strasburg rookie card Wednesday afternoon with a starting price of $9,000. At the time of this post the bidding, which ends July 28, was up to $10,000.

The owner of the card had previously tried to sell it on eBay but the auction was called off after bids as high as $900,000 could not be verified. The anonymous owner decided to put the card back up for auction, this time with the auction house. While many question the ability for the card to bring in $900,000 on the market, most expect the card will sell for at least $50,000.

Huggins and Scott’s description of the card:

“Long before Strasburg seized attention of the sporting public, baseball prospectors were well aware of his accolades and potential. As the “home of the rookie card,” the Bowman card is the most coveted baseball product among modern hobbyists. Fueled by interest in Strasburg, the 2010 Bowman series is of particular mention. Headlined by Strasburg, future team/battery mate Bryce Harper and several other “up and coming” luminaries, unopened cases, boxes, packs and singles of the series are trading at unprecedented sums. The “holy grail” among 2010 Bowman consumers is undoubtedly the #1/1 Stephen Strasburg parallel singles. Claimed from a humble pack by our Florida consignor, the offered 2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg #1/1 Red Parallel Certified Autograph is perhaps the most coveted modern insert card ever produced.

Autograph Grade: 10
Centering: 9.5
Edges: 9
Surface: 9
Corners: 8.5″