Making The Nats Blog better in 2010, what can we do?

We need your help

The Nats Blog took great strides in 2009. We started as a small blog on blogger and grew to a big blog averaging hundreds of hits a day. We hope to grow and make 2010 a banner year. Among our goals in 2010 are:

-Improved dedication statistical analysis

-More consistent reporting

-More guest writers and new staff writers

-New weekly features such as This Week in Baseball and The Prospect Report

-More reader interaction and collaboration opportunities

While these are idea’s I have thought of over the last several months, what I would really like is to know WHAT YOU BELIEVE WE COULD DO TO IMPROVE THE NATS BLOG? This is really important to me and I feel it could really help the blog grow. So please in the comments section below please leave a little message telling us what you like about The Nats Blog and what you would like to see to help it grow.

Thank you for your readership,

Will Yoder