MLB Second Half Preview: Part I

Randall Simon’s Sausages

Prediction: Ubaldo Jimenez will become the first NL 25 game winner in 39 Years.

Explanation: Ok, so I realize this would have been a LOT bolder at the beginning of the year, but still, Jimenez seems like the forgotten man of this baseball season. We’re at the All-Star Break and the guy is 15-1!  If his name was Halladay or Strasburg he’d be the Sportscenter lead every night.  Jimenez should cruise to the NL Cy Young, but it could be a truly historic season.  He’s made 18 starts through 88 games and needs 10 wins from his 15-17 starts in the second half to reach 25.  Jimenez will make history because of a few factors: the good defense behind him, his consistent quality starts, (17/18 starts 6.0 IP and over & only 3 starts allowing 4 or more runs), and the presence of the Rockies in the playoff hunt.  If Jimenez gets to the 25-win plateau with a no-hitter and a sub 2.50 ERA, it would be one of the great pitching seasons in the game’s history.

Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke?

Prediction: The Mets no-hitter will come against the Pirates.

Explanation: The Pirates are on pace to score like 520 runs and they haven’t had a winning season since 1992. Somehow, they haven’t been no-hit even once in that whole time span. They’ve already been one-hit twice this year. Johan Santana, it’s your time to shine.


2010 Prediction: The Mets will have their first no-hitter in team history.

Explanation: Because why not?  This is the Year of the Pitcher, right?  If Edwin Jackson can pitch a no-hitter, and Dallas Braden can pitch a perfect game, then all things are possible in the Year of the Pitcher.  Hell, R.A. Dickey already has one this year!  Okay, it was in the minors … and there was a leadoff hit before Dickey retired 27 straight so technically it’s not a no-hitter, but Dickey did retire 27 straight professional hitters.  And forget Johan Santana, because it’ll be somebody you’ll never expect like Jon Niese, or Hisanori Takahashi.  Or even Oliver Per…

All right, scratch that last one. There’s not a drug on earth that can create a hallucination that strong.

Federal Baseball

Prediction: Jason Marquis Will Earn His Money In The Second-Half:

Signed to a 2-year/$15M dollar deal last winter, the 31-year-old right-hander struggled through a few awful starts continuing a trend that started halfway through the ’09 campaign in Colorado. Marquis finally conceded something was wrong and underwent surgery to have “loose bodies” removed from his elbow. Hopefully the Marquis who returns will be able to provide the steady inning-eating presence the Nats will need as Stephen Strasburg’s shut down and Jordan Zimmermann, Chien-Ming Wang and Ross Detwiler work their way back from injury. I’m predicting Marquis will be back to his normal slightly above average self when he returns.