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Nationals Debut New Uniforms

The Washington Nationals unveiled a new look on Wednesday, showing off their set of new home uniforms.

The “script W” replaces the unpopular block-like font that spelled out “Nationals” and sometimes “Natinals”.

I was under the impression that the team would use this script font prototype that was leaked a few weeks ago but it looks like the organization is really trying to push the “curly W” as their new brand. To be honest, I like the script version better. It would have matched up great with the road grays with the script “Washington” we saw last season. The new set is fine, but something about it looks a little unusual and I can’t seem to put my finger on it. Maybe this will change when I see it on the field.

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It was not too long ago the team had an unveiling ceremony. I stumbled across this old article from Nats 320, so if your in the mood for a laugh, click here.