Nationals Introspective: Nats News Network

westview_logo_nationals_1To get multiple voices on to the blog and to better get to know the Natmosphere we will begin a series called Nationals Introspective. Each week we will talk to one Nationals blogger about baseball, the Nationals, and blogging. First up we have Dave Nichols from Nationals News Network:
TNB: How long have you been a baseball fan and how long have you had
your site?
Dave: I’ve been a baseball fan as long as I can remember.  I’ve had my own
blog since mid-season 2007.
TNB: Who were you a fan of before the Nationals came to Washington?
Dave: The Orioles.  But no longer.  I realized in spring training 2008 that
I have no emotional connection with the these Orioles anymore.  Cal
Ripken is still one of my sports heroes, but the Orioles today are
just another team.

TNB: RFK or Nats Park? Why?
Dave: Nationals Park.  RFK served its purpose, but it was really beat up by
the time the Nats called it home.
TNB: What have you liked about the Nationals moves so far this winter?
Dave: I think Marquis will give them a solid 180 innings.  Not great, but
solid.  If Capps rebounds to his 2007-08 numbers, that will be solid
as well.
TNB: What would you have liked to see them do differently?
Dave: Not a fan of the Pudge signing or the Bruney trade.  Like to see
another starter.  Like to see them finally sign Orlando Hudson and
relegate Cristian Guzman to the world’s most expensive utility player.
TNB: Who do you think should be the number one starting pitcher for the
team? What do you think our rotation will look like come June?
Dave: I think Marquis will start opening day, unless they sign/trade for
someone with even better qualifications. As for June?  I think we’ll
see Strasburg up around Memorial Day if things go smoothly in the
minors, so I’ll say Marquis, Lannan, Strasburg, Olsen and Stammen.
But those last two (three) spots are a crapshoot.
TNB: What’s the one piece you’d most like to add to the team, and how
would you go about getting it?
Dave: Middle infield defense.  Desmond deserves a shot (and time) to prove
himself.  He needs to show that he can make the throws.  If the “Plan
B” is to move Guzman back to short and have a revolving door at second
like last year, well, they’ll get the same results as last year.
TNB: All time favorite Nationals moment?
Dave: The walk-off on Opening Day of Nationals Park.  I called it on that
pitch and won $100 from a friend that we were with.  That was pretty
sweet, all the way around.