adam dunn headshot

Nationals Quiet As Deadline Passes

The trade deadline has come and gone, and names like Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham are still in a Nationals uniform.

GM Mike Rizzo didn’t budge and stood by his claim that he had to be blown away to give up his top slugger. Dunn will still be a free agent at seasons end, raising the question…where do they go from here? Will they extend him or let him walk?

There was an interesting development with the Chicago White Sox involving the recently acquired Edwin Jackson for Dunn, but Rizzo didn’t think it was enough; the Nats wanted another player or two in that possible deal for him to pull the trigger. Jackson is a above average starter…at times, but he isn’t worth dealing for Dunn straight up.

I think it would be a mistake for the Nats not to extend Dunn, who would they bring in to replace his bat in the order? Certainly, he has the reputation of striking out too much and being a poor fielder but that shouldn’t take away from all of the good things he can bring to a team. Baseball in Washington is heading in the right direction and some NL East rivals are becoming aware of this, Dunn is someone they can build around, being a popular figure in the clubhouse and the city.

Cristian Guzman and Matt Capps were the only victims of the mid-season trading deadline, each going to contenders and having big responsibilities with their new teams by filling in for injured stars with Guzman picking up for Ian Kinsler and Capps for Joe Nathan.