Nationals Trade Talk: Capps and Guzman

With the trade deadline less then a week away, he are the latest rumblings surrounding the Nationals Matt Capps and Cristian Guzman.

Matt Capps: The Nationals only All-Star representative is now being linked with the Twins, giving them the much needed closer they’ve been missing since Joe Nathan went down in spring training. Former National Jon Rauch inherited the closing duties and has a 3.22 ERA with 20 saves this season. Rauch has had a solid year thus far but he certainly doesn’t make closing look easy, Capps would be a serious upgrade at the position, putting him on the first contending team of his career.

Cristian Guzman: The Phillies interest in Guzman makes sense, they have been haunted by the injury bug all season and have lacked a reliable fielder or hitter coming off the bench in late game situations. Guzman is a sure thing against lefties with a .336 average and would be a valuable asset not just to Philadelphia, but any other contender. Also, you can plug him into second base, shortstop, or right field, which are some of the positions that having been giving the Phillies their problems this year.