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Nationals Trade Talk: More Dunn and Willingham Updates

Its time for your daily Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham trade update.

Several sources continue to say that the Los Angeles Angels, Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, San Francisco Giants, Tampa Bay Rays, and Colorado Rockies are all showing interest in the Nationals first baseman.

However, the teams that seem to covet him the most are the New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays, and the Chicago White Sox, who according to SB Nations Jon Bois would replace the struggling Andruw Jones for the teams DH spot. The Yankees and Rays would also love to have his services as the teams vie for position in the AL East.

For weeks, Washington’s other slugger, Josh Willingham, has generated a lot of interest from the Atlanta Braves, but now that Scott Podsednik has landed with the Dodgers, the other teams in pursuit of an outfielder will now be turning to Willingham, such as the Rays, Boston Red Sox, and San Francisco Giants.


If Dunn were to leave town, it would have to be an American League team, despite his great bat, he is too much of a liability in the field. I like him with either the White Sox or Yankees. Chicago needs another bat to help solidify their first place position, and can you imagine the type of moon shots Dunn would hit in pinstripes?

The Braves could certainly use Willingham, Atlanta has been platooning Matt Diaz and Eric Hinske for a majority of the season and could use the stability at the position. He would also be an interesting fit with the Giants and would certainly be an upgrade from Pat Burrell in left field.