Nats Place Adam Dunn On Waivers

Buster Olney of ESPN.COM tweeted today that the Washington Nationals have placed slugging first baseman Adam Dunn on waivers today, giving at least one team in baseball another shot at trading for the player.


After the trade deadline many players are placed on waivers to test the level of interest in various talents. Now all of the Nationals League teams will have a chance to put a claim on Dunn, and then all of the American League teams will have a chance as well. The team who claims him with the worst record gets priority and is allowed a chance to work out a deal with Washington to acquire him.

If the Nationals do not like any deal they are offered, they can pull Dunn off of waivers.

If somehow, and this is very unlikely, Dunn passes waivers, meaning no teams put a claim on him, then they are free to trade the slugger to whoever they want before the end of August.


Many players get put on waivers between Aug. 1 and Aug. 31 and we never hear about it. For Nationals GM Mike Rizzo, it is simply about keeping the organization’s options open. While the club would certainly like to work out an extension with Dunn, putting him on waivers gives them at least one more chance at trading him.

Because Nationals League teams get priority over American League teams, it isn’t likely that the Detroit Tigers or the Chicago White Sox will have the chance to place a claim on him. However, the San Francisco Giants had shown interest in acquiring a bat down the stretch, so many believe that the club will at least attempt to make a move.

But does this mean Dunn will be traded?

Probably not. The Nationals were asking for a sweet deal before the deadline and they’ll likely ask for a sweet deal now too. It could also be possible that a team could put in a claim on Dunn to block any potential move the club would want to make.