News from Nats Town: Nationals willing to give Hudson two years

John Paul Marosi of Fox Sports reported today that the Nationals are currently pursuing free-agent second baseman Orlando Hudson and are willing to offer him a two-year deal…at the right price. That right price is currently somwhere between three and nine million dollars a year, a wide range that very well may indicate just how far apart  Hudson and the Nationals are:


“In looking for another middle infielder, the Nationals are prioritizing defense. That’s why they remain interested in second baseman Orlando Hudson, two major-league sources said Tuesday.

One person with knowledge of Hudson’s market believes Washington would be willing to make him a two-year offer at the right price.

If they stick with current personnel, the Nationals could move Cristian Guzman to second base and play young Ian Desmond at shortstop.

Hudson made the National League All-Star team last year but lost his starting job to Ronnie Belliard late in the season. Yet, he still won his fourth Gold Glove.”

Matthew Cerrone of MetsBlog.com doesn’t see it happening:
“…well, i think we all want a lot of things that will never happen, and apparently hudson is right there with us… good luck with that, orlando……the buzz in baseball has been, because of other free-agent second baseman on the market, and so few teams with an opening, or demand for their services, a player like hudson will likely be forced to accept a deal similar to what he made last season, i.e., one-year, $3 million guaranteed, $6 million in incentives, which would equal the $9 million he is seeking… of course, ladson doesn’t say if he wants the $9 million guaranteed… the thing is, if that is the annual salary, i am not sure why he would sign on for two full seasons… as much as he probably hates to do it, it might be best to just sign another one-year deal, like last year, and see what’s up again one year from now…”