News from Nats Town: So much spring buzz…

I’m sorry for the slight lack of posts this week, it’s been a little hectic at work. But in my absence there has been outstanding coverage of the happenings down in Vierra this year, much better than I remember in the past. Of course we have the new Washington Post beat writer down there, Adam Kilgore, and Bill Ladson as always. Down there now independently is Mark Zuckerman and for a change some of our spring training escapades are making National News.

So here are some links to make up for this week:

Former WaPo beat writer Chico Harlan says his goodbyes in his final Nationals Journal post. Some people gave Chico a lot of flack through the years for some of the things he said, but in the end he was a great writer with a difficult job.

Former Nationals FLop (see what I did there?) Felipe Lopez signed with the Cardinals yesterday for with a one-year $1.75 million deal. Coming into free-agency Lopez expected to make a ton of money after having what was in fact a great year. Many believe it was his behavior and his unusually high BABIP that left him off people’s rosters for so long.

Adam Kilgore has a video interview with Riggleman on the start of camp.

The Nationals signed Rafael Martin out of the Mexican League and hope he can someday be a set-up man in front of Drew Storen.

Finally this is a great post from Big League Stew but not Nationals related at all that has clips of Griffey Jr’s best commercials. He recently did one for Dicks Sporting Goods that has him racing Torii Hunter. Something tells me at this point in their careers it wouldn’t have been this close.