NL East Update: Braves are resilient and Ike Davis makes his debut

Looking back at the first two weeks of a season that includes a 17-2 loss to the Padres and being no-hit at home by the Rockies, but still had them bounce back to see their young phenom get a walk-off single the next day, Talking Chop has only one word to describe the Atlanta Braves. Resilient.

When the Braves lose, they lose BIG. It is hard to believe that despite losing 17-2 in San Diego and being no-hit by the Rockies Ubaldo Jimenez, Atlanta came back to take the last two games to win the series. It is so easy for a team, especially this early in the season and with such a young team, to throw in the towel and give up but they somehow overcame these devastating loses to win in sometimes dramatic fashion. This may be a blessing in disguise by giving this young Brave team a huge boost of confidence knowing that they can put any loss in the past and come out the next day knowing that they can win. Having a short memory is so important in baseball not just with pitchers but for teams as well, and there is no better team at this right now than the Atlanta Braves.

Marlin Maniac recaps the decision to put Cameron Maybin in the leadoff spot and drop Chris Coughlin to the two spot in the order.

I have always envisioned Maybin as a leadoff hitter and I think that is where he will eventually belong in the league so maybe this is the first step. He is young, athletic, fast, and finally finding a way to get on base, which prompted Florida manager Freddi Gonzalez to make the move. If Maybin does succeed in the leadoff spot, he has the potential to have a “Jose Reyes” type impact on the bases with his speed, which Coughlin could use to his advantage if Gonzalez decides to utilize the hit and run option. At this point it may be Maybin’s job to lose, if he flourishes in the role there should be no reason why he would ever be stripped of the duty. So now the question is will he be able to continue his impressive start and at what point would Gonzalez feel it necessary to pull him out of that role?

Phillies Nation discusses the best rivalry in baseball you’ve never heard of, Philies-Marlins, as well as making some interesting comparisons between the Florida Marlins and Atlanta Braves pitching staffs.

I guess its true when they say you learn something new everyday. The advantage Florida has held over Philadelphia since 2007 is fascinating considering where both teams usually end up come October. This just adds to the legend that is pesky Florida Marlins baseball because everything they do, they way they win, they way they lose, just simply doesn’t make any sense. It seems to me like they win games they are supposed to lose and they lose games they are supposed to win. They win championships when they are supposed to lose and they have losing seasons when they are expected to win. Clearly the lesson with the Marlins is to expect the unexpected.

After going 2 for 4 with an RBI in his major league debut on Monday, the question on many Mets fans minds regarding the promotion of first baseman of the future Ike Davis was “What took so long!”

What a great overall game for the Mets on Monday in their 6-1 victory over the Cubs, there are so many positives to take out of this I don’t even know where to begin. Mondays win was more than just Ike Davis making an impact in his long awaited debut, but the contributions from other young players straight out of the Mets system had Citi Field buzzing. With starting pitcher Jon Niese going 5.2 innings and collecting 7 strikeouts and Jenry Mejia coming in to finish up the last 2 innings with scoreless ball, it may be safe to say that the organization hasn’t seen production like that from homegrown talent since the promotions of David Wright and Jose Reyes, and before that Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden. Sad but true.