NL East Update: Kissing 2010 Good Bye

The New York Mets need some help in their bullpen, but is the price tag on Brian Fuentes too high?

Fuentes would be the perfect replacement for Pedro Feliciano. The Mets should pounce on him if and when his price goes down. The Mets bullpen is very thin right now and they’re looking at the possibility of having Oliver Perez make the team if they don’t do something quick. I can only imagine what the reaction would be if his name is announced at Citi Field on Opening Day.

Does Freddie Freeman have any competition for first base? Talking Chop has the answer.

Freeman will have his bumps and bruises, just like any rookie, but I like how the Braves are handling the situation by basically just giving him the job. That being said, they will have to have a plan-B ready if something were to go wrong. With Eric Hinske and Martin Prado listed as the backups, Freeman can’t afford to struggle for too long.

Another year come and gone. Fish Stripes gives us the Florida Marlins year in review.

It was another mediocre season by the Fish, but they sure did make it interesting…at their own expense. On May 29th, Roy Halladay and the Philadelphia Phillies came to town and mowed down all 27 Marlins who stepped to the plate. And who can forget the drama between Hanley Ramirez and Fredi Gonzalez on May 17th when Ramirez booted a ball into left field and didn’t hustle after it. This earned the star shortstop a benching from his manager, but Hanley had the last laugh as Gonzalez was fired by Florida on June 23rd. Gonzalez left the team with the most wins by any Marlins manger.

Ryan Howard hit for career lows in home runs and RBI in 2010. Has the slugger been neutralized for good?

Its amazing how 31 home runs and 108 RBIs can cause such panic. It’s only natural that pitchers start figuring out how to pitch to Howard because he has been such a dominant force at the plate. So despite spending the season faced with the challenge of the pitchers adjustments, he still put up pretty good power numbers. All anyone can expect from Howard in 30 home runs and 100 RBIs. As long as he is putting up those numbers this shouldn’t be a big issue.

The Derrek Lee and Adam LaRoche saga continues…

Both Lee and LaRoche are holding out for their “ideal situations”, but in the end it will still probably come down to the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals. The Nats need to settle on one of the two so they are not stuck with a name like Casey Kotchman or Troy Glaus. This waiting game will continue until either side can bite the bullet and reach an agreement.