NL East Update: The one where a new era begins

With Bobby Cox stepping down as manager of the Atlanta Braves, Fredi Gonzalez will be given an opportunity to fill some big shoes.

Well that was quick. Atlanta wasted no time in naming Gonzalez as Cox’s successor. With Gonzalez now running the show, I don’t see the Braves taking a step back, as a matter of fact; I think they may even be better in 2011. Don’t judge Gonzalez on his rocky tenure with Florida, it was a bad fit from the beginning. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gonzalez took home the Manager of the Year award next season, being rejuvenated in Atlanta will bring out the best in him.

The Phillies Nation Roundtable discusses their NLCS matchup with the San Francisco Giants.

If you like pitching, this is the series for you. Tim Lincecum going against Roy Halladay in Game 1 is considered one of the most anticipated pitching matchups in post-season history. Both starters have been lights out in their first career appearances in October. Traditionally games dominated by pitching become boring for the average baseball fan, but even the slightest fan has to appreciate the talent that will be on display this coming week. Both teams have been offensively challenged, so which lineup will break through and earn themselves a trip to the World Series?

Meanwhile back in Queens, all signs are pointing to Sandy Alderson becoming the new GM for the New York Mets.

I don’t know much about Alderson, but I do know that he presided over the Oakland Athletics from 1983 to 1997 where the team won four division titles, three pennants, and the 1989 World Series. Not a bad resume if you ask me. I like how the Mets are going after an experienced and respected figure rather then just simply promoting assistant GM John Ricco. Met fans should hope that Alderson comes in with a vision and a course of action because he has a lot of cleaning up to do…that is of course if he is formally offered the job.

Has one of the Marlins greatest strengths turned into a glaring weakness?

I have to agree with the article on this one. How can you say that the Marlins aren’t developing players when they had three impressive rookies debut for the team this year? I still consider Florida as having one of the best farm systems in baseball because of their consistent production of major league talent. As we know, several of the players that have come up with the Marlins, don’t necessarily stay with the Marlins very long, that’s just how they operate, but this generation of players like Mike Stanton, Gaby Sanchez, and Logan Morrison all made huge impacts on the club. Also, I think it is unfair to judge a teams farm system until we have seen the players in major league action for at least five years time.

Bryce Harper, along with 2nd round draft pick Sammy Solis, are the latest additions to the Scottsdale Scorpions.

I believe Harper won’t have any trouble adjusting to the AFL. He doesn’t seem like a kid who gets too overwhelmed and has proven that he is ready for the challenge. Success in the AFL is a given, its just a matter of where he starts out in the minors and how long the Nationals plan on having him down there. Certainly he won’t see any playing time with the big club in 2011, but 2012 is defiantly a possibility.