beltran strikes out

NL East Update: The one where Beltran is old news

MetsBlog gives the latest update on the progress of Carlos Beltran.

With Beltran being sidelined for so long paired with the fantastic play of Angel Pagan filling in for him, I forgot Carlos was even still on the team, and I’m having a hard time imagining him bringing any success to the club when he does return. Unfortunately, no matter how well Pagan plays, he will most likely surrender center field to Beltran when he comes back, but Pagan has proved that he can be an everyday player with the Mets, so hopefully they can find a spot for him. Beltran is a great player, he had an MVP type year in 2006 and made some amazing plays in the outfield, but now I can’t stop associating him with the Mets failures from the past few years. Beltran was the one who left the bat on his shoulder in Game 7 as a rookie named Adam Wainwright spun a curveball for strike three. He has also been having these knee problems for quite sometime and in the field it always looked like he was playing at 80%. The 33-year-old looks to be breaking down, and I’m just tired of dealing with it. The 2010 Mets seemed to have put their dark past behind them, but Beltran’s return is an inevitable conflict the team will need to address.

Despite an impressive eight innings by Jamie Moyer last night in a win over the Yankees, the overall mood in the Phillie clubhouse is not where they’d like it to be.

Unfortunately for Philadelphia, this is the team they are going to have to rely on down the stretch. They can’t use Jimmy Rollins as an excuse anymore (not saying that they have); it is time to accept the fact that Juan Castro is going to be their everyday shortstop until further notice. Even without Rollins, the Phillie lineup is still terrifying for opposing pitchers with players like Ryan Howard, Jayson Werth, and Chase Utley all threats to hit the long ball. Somehow, someway, they need to get on the same page, and that is where Charlie Manuel comes in. Have a team meeting, make a bold move at the deadline, just do something to put some energy back in this lifeless team.

Just weeks after Ken Griffey Jr. hung up the spikes, it looks as though another legend will be doing the same.

Wow, another staple in Atlanta will be leaving after this season. I don’t think it will really hit me until Opening Day 2011 when Chipper Jones and Bobby Cox will be absent from the Braves dugout. No matter how angry I got at Chipper during the late nineties for killing the Mets, I have learned to respect him more than any other player. Jones was the true original “Met Killer” and even named his son Shea, the Mets former home due to the success he had there. I admire how he stuck it out with the Braves for so many years when he could have easily ended up elsewhere, and he is proving to us how selfless he is by wanting to walk away from baseball because his struggles are hurting his team. The final game the Braves play this season will be certainly be an emotional one.

In case you haven’t heard, the Marlins plan to have two salt water fish tanks installed behind home plate in their new stadium. Not surprisingly, PETA has already made some noise surrounding the idea.

I love the idea of having fish tanks behind home plate. How cool would it be to have front row seats at a baseball game and an aquarium at your feet? Can’t they give the Marlins a break, this team has been playing in a football stadium in front of 5,000 fans for the last fifteen or so years, the least you can do is let them do something as harmless as this.

Capital Punishment looks back at the last two hectic weeks in Washington.

Even the arrival of Strasburg couldn’t get the Nationals out of their funk. They have been playing mediocre baseball and the truly bad players on the Nats roster are beginning to show us who they really are. They did not take advantage of the easy teams on their schedule, but luckily will finish out the rest of the month playing below average teams such as the Orioles and Royals. On the bright side, Adam Dunn continues to hit, Drew Storen is staying on track, and the team may have finally found their everyday right fielder in Roger Bernadina. Washington can salvage their disappointing June by ending it on a hot streak and carrying it over into July.