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NL East Update: The one where Big Pelf has an identity crisis

Believe it or not, this is Mike Pelfrey’s fifth year in the big leagues, but the Mets are still trying to figure out what type of pitcher he is.

When Pelfrey is clicking on all cylinders, he can be one of the best pitchers in baseball, his record after his first 13 starts of the season speaks for itself. I think it boils down to the mental game for the Big Pelf, and it will be something that he will have to struggle with through the duration of his career. We will get a better read of who Pelfrey really is after next season. I would be willing to bet that he puts up similar numbers with the same inconsistency, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but not what you were hoping for if you’re a Mets fan.

The Braves have swagger, the only question is are they getting too comfortable?

I don’t think it is a bad thing for a team to have too much “swag”, but it is important for them not to forget where they stand. The Phillies are coming on strong, so it would be best for Atlanta to play confidently but not comfortably. The Braves have proven to us that they can overcome great adversity…remember their 9-game losing streak in April? I don’t think their afraid of the Phillies either, which is a good thing, as long as they have Bobby Cox in the dugout that should be the case.

Following a Labor Day weekend packed with compelling match ups, the Philadelphia Phillies are closing the gap on the Atlanta Braves.

The Phillies have been playing some good baseball as of late. They have spent a majority of the season chasing the Braves and it looks like they have finally caught up. We all know what the Phils are going to get from Roy Halladay, which is why Roy Oswalt will be the X-factor for the team down the stretch. Most fans forgot about Oswalt since he was with a dismal team in Houston, but there is no question that he can still bring it. Cole Hamels has also been pitching well, making for a scary three-headed monster of a rotation.

Marlin Maniac tries to find the true value of Emilio Bonifacio.

Sure you would like to see Bonifacio become more of a threat at the plate, but maybe his true value is his defensive presence. Sometimes that’s all a player really can do in the majors. Hypothetically speaking, there would be plenty of teams that could use his talents. Who wouldn’t want a speedy defensive replacement that could also make an impact on the base paths?

Federal Baseball spent five minutes with the newest National, Danny Espinosa.

The thing I love about this kid is that he doesn’t seem to be overwhelmed by “the show” and all of the distractions that come with it. He knows the game and wont make the same “rookie mistakes” that other young players tend to make upon their arrival to the bigs. With Ian Desmond holding down shortstop, Espinosa looks to be the second baseman of the future and has played well in his first few games at the new position despite committing an error against the Mets. Anytime you have a guy that makes the game look easy, you know you have a quality player on your hands.