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NL East Update: The one where Cameron Maybin loses…again

Marlin Maniac discusses how much playing time Florida plans to give Mike Stanton.

With the arrival of Stanton there are limited spots in the Marlin outfield, and Cameron Maybin will likely be the odd man out. You have to feel for Maybin, right when you think he will be a mainstay in the Marlins lineup, the organization feels that he is not ready for the big leagues and needs more time to develop in the minors. Maybin is a player with a lot of raw talent but it has been the same story with him for about three years now. I am sure it has to be wearing on him, especially now that a 20 year old just took his spot on the team. The question now becomes will these trips to the minors be better for his development or worse for his psyche? For someone whose first career home run came off Roger Clemens at the old Yankee Stadium, Maybin is still a work in progress.

Nats 320 looks at Roger Bernadina and his chances of being the everyday right fielder for the Nationals.

Bernadina has already put up some impressive numbers in June batting .360 with a .448 OBP. Roger is a Willy Taveras type player, he wont impress you with his bat but it’s the other things he brings to the table that can make him a valuable addition to any team. He is lightning quick and plays the field well (just ask the Mets), Bernadina is always a threat on the base paths and would be a great fit at the top of the Nats lineup. Bernadina deserves a shot to be the “everyday” right fielder, what do the Nats have to lose? If it doesn’t work out, they have several other worthy players to plug into the position.

MetsBlog looks into why Mets fans seem to like this group of guys better than the ones from years past.

The difference between the team from this year and the teams from years past is that there is hope with this group of young players, as opposed to previous years where the Mets consisted of aging veterans on the downside of their career. Mike Pelfrey, Ike Davis, and Jon Neise have all given Mets fans something to believe in, they can struggle all they want, like normal young players do, but the difference is that they have all shown us something that makes the fan base optimistic for the future. Also, Mets fans didn’t come into 2010 expecting to be playoff contenders like they had the last three years, all of which ended in excruciating disappointment.

Remember Chris Resop? Yeah…I don’t really either, but apparently he is now the focus of the Braves trade market.

In 12 starts with Triple AAA Gwinnett this year, Resop has gone 4-2 with a 2.10 ERA and is holding opposing hitters to a .200 average. That’s a pretty impressive line regardless of the level your in. I realize the Braves are using him as trade bait to lure a good offer, but the option that makes the most sense to me is to put Resop in the Braves starting rotation in place of Kenshin “tough luck” Kawakami, who is now 0-8 on the season. Players like Resop don’t often get chances to prove themselves in the majors and this is another example of that. He is putting up great numbers at the highest level in the minors but Atlanta only sees him as trade bait to acquire someone else. I guess that’s just the way things are, baseball is a business and players understand that. If Resop doesn’t get a shot with the Braves, hopefully he can find someone who will.

Phillies Nation gives us on the latest on the injuries of J.A. Happ and Jimmy Rollins.

On Monday, Rollins will begin his rehab assignment in Single-A Clearwater. This is good news for Phillie fans as it is a step in the right direction, but now its just a matter of how long his rehab assignment will be. Its already mid-June and there isn’t a set timetable for his return. Hypothetically, if he does come back in time for the September playoff race, how will he perform? Will he be rusty or will he be the cure for the Phillies hitting woes? Even when Rollins is 100% healthy this injury is something that is going to affect him for the rest of his career. He will be hesitant to do the things he normally would do due to the fear of his injury resurfacing. This off-season one of the top priorities for the Phillie front office is to find a solid backup shortstop in case something like this happens again.