10-18 cody ross

NL East Update: The one where Cody Ross is Mr. October

Who could have predicted that Cody Ross would become a post-season hero for the San Francisco Giants?

If I remember correctly at the mid-season trading deadline, Ross was very close to becoming a member of the Atlanta Braves and Cliff Lee was minutes away from becoming a New York Yankee, now both of these players have dominated their once thought to be suitors. You just can’t explain how Ross has put together such an impressive post-season for the Giants by hitting four huge home runs in his 20 at bats. You have to feel good for Ross and I’m glad some Marlins fans are rooting for him since they basically got nothing in return. This could defiantly be one of the best stories of the post-season.

Cliff Lee” checks in with the city of Philadelphia, as the two sides could be reunited in the Fall Classic.

There is no chance that Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels, and Lee would have all been on the same roster, it just would never happen. I think the Phillies were in a win-win situation, but if they do find themselves going up against Lee and the Texas Rangers in the World Series you can pencil in a loss for the Phillies. The lights out left-hander would give us a performance we wouldn’t forget, as he would be in the nightmares of Phillie fans for years to come. But lets not get ahead of ourselves; both teams need to win their LCS matchups first. Which pitcher would you rather have for a deciding Game 7…Halladay or Lee?

In some non-baseball related news, Francisco Rodriquez and the New York Mets have settled their contract dispute resulting from an alleged assault on his father in law.

I really wish that the Mets would flat out cut him, but it’s not that easy. We don’t know what his status will be for the 2011 season because of some pending legal issues, but you would have to hope that whoever the Mets new GM and manager are, will not allow him to return to the team. Fans associate this issue with the Minaya era and would probably be embarrassed to see him play for their team again.

Talking Chop looks back at Nate McLouth’s disappointing 2010 campaign with the Atlanta Braves.

Believe it or not, McLouth had 46 doubles, 26 home runs and 94 RBI in 2008 with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Shocking considering how far he’s fell. Ever since McLouth got to Atlanta he has seen a huge drop off in his game, and you have to think that it’s gotten to his head. Will it be too much for him to overcome? Not to take anything away from McLouth but he seems to be a little fragile mentally. That being said, I will be rooting for him to have a bounce back season in 2011.

The Washington Nationals have signed GM Mike Rizzo to a 5-year extension and have promoted him to be the Executive VP of Baseball Operations.

Well deserved by Mr. Rizzo. He has done a great job in turning over the front office and setting a solid foundation for the future. Obviously, there is still a lot of work to do. The only way to evaluate the job Rizzo has done is by wins and losses. Next season will be a big year for the Nats even without Stephen Strasburg. I would like to see the team reach at least 75 wins to feel confident going into 2012.