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NL East Update: The one where F-Mart should go

John Delcos has an idea with what the New York Mets should do with Fernando Martinez.

The Mets have had Martinez in their system for about five years now, and he has made little to no progress. In his few stints with the Mets he has looked completely overmatched, and has given fans little reason to believe that he will evolve into the “slugger” we were told he could become. Lots of fans are calling for a youth movement with the organization by giving the young guys some more playing time in the future, but I just don’t see Martinez in that mix. The team should trade him this off-season while he still has value.

The homestretch of the season is coming, and the Braves are in the drivers seat.

All season I have been waiting for the Braves to falter and the Phillies to capitalize by taking the division lead. At this point, I think Atlanta has proved that they are for real, I’m finally convinced. The Braves are defiantly in the drivers seat now, the Phillies have been inconsistent all season and they just got swept at home in four games by the Houston Astros. I like the Braves to come out on top in the east and make a serious run for the pennant. Hopefully, this comes down to the last weekend of the series when the two teams will meet at Turner Field in a three game set.

No matter what you hear, the Florida Marlins are not in the playoff race.

The Marlins are currently 7.5 out of the division lead and 5.5 out in the wild card. Obviosly, anything can happen in the final month of the season but its pretty safe to say that the team threw in the towel once they lost Jorge Cantu and Cody Ross. One of the ways I judge whether or not a team is considered to be in the playoff race is if they show up on ESPN’s standings they put up on Sportscenter or Baseball Tonight, and Florida’s name has not been up there.

The Phillies halted their five game losing streak last night thanks to a wild one in San Diego.

If Eric Gagne wasn’t a good enough example as to how fragile relief pitchers are, then Brad Lidge should be able to convince you. He may be best known to Houston Astro fans as the one who gave up the monster home run to Albert Pujols in the 2005 NLCS. The jury is still out as to what legacy he will have with Phillie fans, despite his perfect 2008 season. The fact that he hit a batter to load the bases and then balked in the tying run is just completely unacceptable. How can someone show such little composure a few short years after the “perfect” season?

Nats 320 describes the darkest day in the Nationals short five years of existence.

Many in our nations capitol woke up to the news that Stephen Strasburg will undergo Tommy John surgery and wont be able to pitch until 2012. I am interested to see how this will impact the team for the next year. Will the team continue to improve? Will fans continue to show their growing interest in the team, or will the lack of Strasburg push the team back to irrelevance? Its going to be a long year and a half, that’s for sure.